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Movement Finance Coin

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PUMLx will be the worlds first dedicated

Fitness Metaverse Coin

The coin will be the global reward and incentivisation tool for Move to Earn mechanics within PUML gamified challenges and for game developers within the Metaverse

Exclusive Access will provide access to the PUML Platform and unique experiences with PUML Athletes and Sports Clubs
Move to Earn enabling metaverse users to earn whilst playing based on Calories, Heart Rate and movement.
Minting be the first on whitelists to mint Athlete and Sports teams NFTs
Stake to Earn tokens can be staked alongside PUML Athlete NFTs to earn additional coins and rewards.


Movefi - Movement Finance

for fans, game players and developers

Movefi is a new type of finance that allows users to be paid to be healthy. This has been proven already by many large steps and fitness apps including the PUML Better Health mobile app. PUMLx now takes this proven model into the Metaverse so game developers can continue to reward and motivate users to be more active and thus help reduce lifestyle disease and a sedentary movement.

VR Fitness & Athlete-Led Challenges giving users access to unique public challenges promoting health.
Play Sport to Earn play VR games and earn $PUML based on exercise variables, calorie burn rates, etc.
Metaverse Game in the pipeline that will combine Metalympics eligible NFTs for in-game competitions player-to-player.


MoveFi = Movement Finance - a Web 3.0 Sports and rewards protocol for Fans, Corporates and the Metaverse

Move to Earn

All of our community can Move to Earn with integrations with multiple Game Developers in the Web 3 game and Metaverse space. A preventative Health tools that allows you to Improve your Health and Your Wealth.

Fitness Metaverse

PUML seeks to establish a Sports and Fitness Metaverse for fans, sports enthusiasts and sports bloggers. The PUMLx API is made for game developers to reward users for physical movement plus it enables a virtual + physical world connection

VIP Features

Gain access to exclusivity-based Athlete, Sports and Community programs that enable money can't buy experiences that motivate and inspire. Athletes, Fitness celebrities and influencers can build exclusive communities and allow this access by staking PUMLx.

Community Monetisation

Athletes, Sport celebrities, influencers, and bloggers can create their very own PUML community that they can monetise by launching challenges, selling custom NFTs, trading cryptocurrency, and by interacting with their fanbase.

Sports-Centric Userbase

PUML is suitable for any fan, sports enthusiast, sports celebrities, athletes, and employee who want to exercise, be healthy, create engaging communities, and interact with others in both the physical and metaverse.

User Equity Program

Each community or corporate qualifies for PUML's user equity program where each participant will receive a share of PUMLx that is proportional to the community's token holdings. This provides significant opportunity for community leaders to incentivise their members to participate as actively as possible.


Dedicated Athlete, Sports and Wearable

NFT Marketplace

PUML seeks to empower elite athletes through the use of digital art by providing buyers with the opportunity to mint a collection of highly unique non-fungible tokens. NFTs can be won, unlocked from completing challenges, and purchased.

Digital Marketplace enabling exchange of digital rewards for items in the real world.
Rare Collectibles developed by PUML exclusively for PUML users NFTs in collaboration with rising Australian athletes.
Community Activity Rewards designed to promote active sports communities and incentivise community leaders.


Challenge & Reward Sponsorship

for brands and sports organisations

PUML provides small to large businesses with the opportunity to sponsor PUML virtual activity challenges to promote products, grow their audience, and engage new customers.

Challenge Leaderboards can be used to amp up the competition and promote the challenge.
Video Ads shown to all participants of the brand or products before joining the challenge.
Product Promotion chosen by the brand to most effectively reward participants and to advertise specific products.


Corporate Wellbeing Programs

for businesses that care

WelR - A custom platform created to help businesses improve corporate wellness in just a few steps. Corporates can create health challenges on WelR to join the health revolution in a positive and engaging manner that motivates and rewards employees for making healthy choices.

Virtual Challenges for easy access and significant geographic scalability.
Full Customisation available for businesses to take full control over the wellness process.
Wellness Analytics provided to corporates based on AI algorithms in a detailed dashboard to track wellness progress.

Move to Earn

Logged on Garmin, Apple Health, Fitbit, Samsung and Google Fit

Steps 2021

2.1 billion

PUML Squad Fans


Minted NFT Athletes



How it Works


Join a Challenge or Metaverse Game

Corporates, brands, influencers, athletes sponsor healthy living by creating physical and mental challenges and sports communities. Each designed to help form healthy habits all whilst getting rewarded for it too.


Connect your Devices

PUML seamlessly integrates with Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung and more wearables to run fun engaging fan challenges. Wearables are optional. PUML is compatible and fully functional with just a phone!


Move to Earn - PUMLx

PUML is designed to incentivise healthy habits in the most 'fun' way possible. This means that we actively congratulate and reward participants with discount codes, merchandise, Non Fungible Tokens & $PUMLx Coin.


Stake and Earn with MoveFi

Earn more by holding PUML NFTs and PUMLx. We have created the mechanics to support staking of NFTs and PUML cryptocurrency to further reward long term user trade.


Corporate Customers from Australia, Singapore, UK and the US.

SportsFi = Socialfi + Gamefi

Decentralised Dedicated Healthtech Protocol

→ Gamified challenge Engine

→ Distributed Digital Health Record

→ Mobile Dapp Token Wallet and service

→ Open API Health data protocol

→ Coin Rewards and NFT marketplace

Mobile App


Executive Team

Damien King
Damien King
CEO and Founder

Technologist, Founder, CTO, Startup specialist, ex-Virgin Media, BBC, Adaptive Media

Debora Kocak

Chief Operations Officer
Startup Founder, Lawyer and Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker

Joel Martin
Joel Martin

Chief Financial Officer
Ex Financial Controller WPP plc (WPP) and Publicis Groupe (PUB)

Preet Deol
Preet Deol

Chief Marketing Officer, Ex TF Blockchain, Boethius Tech, Intuition IT

Thong Nguyen
Head of Technology

Senior FullStack Engineer and Blockchain developer. University of Sydney

Emma Crudgington
Head of Sales and Partnerships

Ex Lendlease, Hayes

Experience from some of the worlds largest companies

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 9.24.40 pm



Shae Versteegh
Account management and Support
Jac Tan
Jacquiline Tan
Sales and Marketing Executive
Jack Feng
Jack Feng
Data and Analytics Intern
Sheree Beaumount
Exercise Scientist Sports Nutritionist
Phobe Bell
Marketing Executive
Huan Nguyen
Voung Dun
Engineering Blockchain

Blockchain, Technology and Investment Advisors


Dr Clarence Tan
Blockchain and AI Advisor
Richard Moore
Investment Banker, Startup Advisor
Megna Murali
AI Machine Learning Engineer, Melbourne University, Woolworth, Rio Tinto
Matt Clayworth
Investment Banker, Crypto

Advisors from the worlds largest Companies

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 9.31.21 pm


Investors and Supporters



Road Map

Feb 2022
Private Sale 1 on new PUMLx ERC20 Coin
Mar 2022
Private Sale 2 on new PUMLx ERC20 Coin
April/May TBC 2022
TGE - New Public Listing/Exchanges - Uniswap
May 2022
NFT - Womeninsports - Minting
JUNE 2022
PUML NFT Marketplace Launch
July 2022
MoveFi - Staking and rewards
Sept 2022
PUML Metaverse API integration
Feb-March 2023
PUML Sports and Health API Data protocol



After the successful launch of the PUML coin for Play to Earn incentivisation within our mobile apps we are proud to announce our new ERC20 coin PUMLx.

PUMLx will power our NFTs, Staking and Sports communities and have unique utility that is only possible with PUMLx



PUML – Native based rewards and incentivisation coin



PUMLx – Ethereum based NFT, Staking and MoveFi Coin


PUMLx Sales and Distribution

  • BlockchainERC20 - Ethereum
  • AcceptingUSDT, ETH, USDC
  • Max Supply500 Million
  • WhitelistYes
  • Available85 Million
  • Vesting8% Unlock TGE - 3 Months Cliff, Linear Vesting
  • Know Your Customer (KYC):Yes
  • 30% Ecosystem and Sportsfi
  • 25% Reserved Funding
  • 10% Founders and Team
  • 5% Advisors
  • 10% Marketing
  • 20% Token Sale


Frequency Asked Questions

PUML is an app that motivates you to stay active by rewarding you PUML Coins when you enter our fitness challenges. Coins can be exchanged for fitness products, gift cards, crypto-currency or even be donated to charity.

MoveFi = Movement Finance

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were paid to be healthy.  Movement Finance solves this issue by rewarding users for being active and healthy as a preventative health care system that will improve the health and wealth of our members globally.

Athletes, Brands, Corporates, Game Developers can all participate in this movement of helping inspire and incentivise more people to move more as we become an increasingly screen and virtual dependant society.

PUML is heavily invested in R&D to continuously improve our platform and the value that we can provide to our users. We are currently actively developing unique algorithms to support a custom Mental Health AI Prediction Engine to significantly increase wellness analytics that can be used to identify corporate or user wellness (which can be utilized by insurance companies to calculate premiums, businesses to identify their potential health-related costs, and users to self-identify any health issues). Contact Us for more information.

No, PUMLx is a brand new Ethereum based ERC20 token.

This will be our DeFi coin that will be used with our Athlete NFTs and will have staking mechanisms for yields.


We also have the PUML EOS token which is public and is used as a reward and incentivisation mechanism within the mobile apps and ecosystems of PUML Better Health.

Existing holders of PUML EOS can bridge to PUMLx after the TGE, Token Generation Event

Please use our contact us form to find out more about our Private Sale

No, US Citizens and residents cannot participate

PUML is on a mission to promote healthy living by gamifying physical and mental health challenges, and to become a go-to for sports enthusiasts to meet each other, create communities, and use the metaverse to further enhance the collaboration of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and a challenge engine.

Puml establishes a new development method for sports enthusiasts, and creates a sports meta-universe for sports enthusiasts and sports bloggers through SportFi, giving it a completely unique value proposition than existing solutions on the market. By effectively combining solutions connecting the virtual and physical world, PUML creates a rare ecosystem built for sustainable growth on a global level.

You can stay tuned by browsing our additional sites: https://puml.io or https://welr.io Stay up to date with any of our updates and find more information on all of our social channels.


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